About Me

Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Shelbi (Ferguson) Lawhorn.  I am a Licensed Professional Hair and Makeup Artist located in Kentucky.  I grew up surrounded by makeup and all things beauty so I don't think many were surprised when I decided to dip my feet into the beauty industry. My mom, who is also a makeup artist, would often take me to work with her when needed and I believe that is when and where the passion formed

I have been freelancing doing hair and makeup since 2014. I am so passionate about making people feel beautiful and comfortable in their skin. I deeply believe feeling beautiful on the outside can permeate inward making us feel beautiful and powerful both on the inside and out. I truly feel so blessed to have the job that I do.  

When I'm not glamming you can catch me hanging with my sweet husband and our 5 year old son that we both adore more than anything in this worldwe enjoy staying active, being outside and eating all the yummy foods.  As a family we love traveling, experiencing new places & cultures, and meeting new people.


Here's a couple things about me to help you get to know me better!

Sun sign:  Libra

Food:  Tacos, avocado, pasta, fried rice (i could actually fill this page with favorite foods)

Sweet treat:  Ice cream or chocolate chip cookies

Drink:  Peach tea

spotify playlists:  "have a great day"  and "fresh and chill"

Show:  queer eye & The Office